Portside achieves a 5 Star Green Star SA As Built rating


The Portside Development has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star SA (GSSA) Office v1 As Built rating (representing South African Excellence!) as administered by the Green Building Council of SA (GBCSA).

Here is some exciting news we have been waiting to share! February 2015 hot off the press is that Portside has been awarded a 5 Star Green Star Office v1 AS-BUILT certification by the Green Building Council of SA, representing South African Excellence! Portside, situated in the Cape Town CBD, achieved a 5 Star Office v1 Design certification in June 2013.

The development comprises 67 275m² GLA over 34 floors. Portside is the first tall building in AFRICA to achieve 5 star certification.

AGAMA Energy was appointed by Old Mutual Property and Eris Property Group as the Green Building Consultants to manage the Green Star process all the way until the successful achievement of this certification. 

Some of the innovative environmental included: 


Portside is designed so that over 95% of the total façade can be disassembled; the double glazed and aluminium support elements are unitised and can be individually removed and reused or recycled. This is especially innovative as Portside is an extremely tall building at 141m [34 floors] and it is significantly more difficult to achieve this in a high rise project.


42 parking bays have been fitted with the capability of electric vehicle charging points, to promote and encourage the use of completely electric cars.


32 Community cycle racks have been provided on Bree and Buitengracht Streets aimed at encouraging alternative means of transport for business people, personal use, tourist and couriers in the lower CBD region, in support of the City of Cape Town’s non-motorised transport strategy.


Portside is the 1st commercial building in SA to have a LED lighting for over 99% of all lighting fittings.


Energy use is minimised and eliminated by firstly reducing the supply air flow to the space when a space is unoccupied for a preset time of fifteen minutes, and then shutting down the supply air flow to the space completely if that space remains unoccupied.





















Some Interesting Projects AGAMA is currently engaged on:

Karl Bremer Hospital Health Offices. Aiming for a 5-Star Green Star Office Design and As Built rating, as well as a Socio-Economic Category (SEC) PILOT rating. Exciting sustainable interventions include a Blackwater Treatment Plant, treated blackwater re-used for HVAC water demand, highly effective stormwater mitigation designs that result in the site not needing to be connected to the municipal stormwater infrastructure, harvesting of rainwater and HVAC bleed water ensures that municipal potable water is not required for the flushing of toilets and urinals at any time.

UCT New Lecture Theatre. Aiming for a 4-Star Green Star Public and Education Building Design rating.  AGAMA is facilitating the Green Star certification of the new lecture theatre at UCT. This is a new rating tool with only a handful of registered projects. Energy and water consumption will be displayed on screens for students to be informed of resources consumed. The building has been designed to ensure an improved level of maintainability with the aim at lengthening the building’s life cycle.

V&A Waterfront. Aiming for a 4-Star Green Star Existing Building rating for the BP Office building and the Victoria Wharf retail centre. These buildings are part of a pilot study and will thus be among the first existing buildings to receive Green Star certification. Exciting sustainable initiatives have been implemented across the V&A precinct. These include reducing carbon emissions from the fleet of maintenance vehicles by replacing diesel bakkies with electric vehicles; minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill by introducing tenant waste tariffs which incentivise tenants to separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste; and improved management of the precinct by having a helpdesk system which allows building users to continually provide feedback on all operational systems, procedures and policies.    

Our Team:

Mike Munnik (PrEng, BSc(CivEng), MBA) (Director). Mike is the director of AGAMA Energy. He brings wide-ranging project management and corporate experience, combined with a keen interest in sustainability in the buildt environment. Mike is a founding and active Board member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, a Green Star assessor and Accredited Professional (AP-New Buildings).

Nicholas Gorrie (BScProp) (Senior Green Building Consultant). Nick holds a degree in B.Sc Property Studies from the University of Cape Town. For the past four years he has gained experience in the property developing and construction industry. He has a passionate interest in sustainability and green building design. He has been a sustainability consultant on the Portside development and the Centre Point Shopping Centre. Nick is a Green Star Accredited Professional (AP-New Buildings) and joined AGAMA Energy in 2013.

Suzanne O'Keeffe (BScMech, MScMech) (Sustainability Engineer). Suzanne holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering. She gained international experience while working in the UK as a building modelling engineer within the sustainability field. Suzanne's areas of expertise cover Green Star consulting and building energy modelling, including thermal modelling and daylighting analysis.  Suzanne joined AGAMA in 2014.

Ann-Mari Malan (Green Star Consultant). Ann-Mari joined AGAMA in 2007 as a Bookkeeper and Office Administrator. Ann-Mari is a Green Star Accredited Professional (AP-New Buildings) and has worked on various Green Star projects within AGAMA.

You are welcome to visit our website at www.agama.co.za or contact us on 021-7013364.

Ann-Mari Malan